Sutter Buttes Regional
Aviation Association

Sutter County Airport has a diverse flying community. On any give day one can see crop dusters, Cubs, Porterfields, Van's, Eagles, Cessna's and Pipers, just to name a few.

Fly in, an see what we're all about!!!

Joe Borzelleri, the man behind the machine! 

If it weren't for Joe's inspiration, we'd still be sitting around asking ourselves, "why doesn't somebody DO something?"

The day it all began!  There are about 40 more people not shown in this photo.  As soon as we voted to officially form the SBRAA, this hangar was pounded by a torrential downpour, making further discussion almost impossible!  

We got it done, though.  :)

Our first activity as an association was an airport BBQ with flying activities. 

Here you can see a flour bag falling toward the target... the safest place to stand is on the bulls-eye!  ;)

After the BBQ day was a movie night in AJ's hangar.  Playing here is Flight of the Pheonix, starring Jimmy Stewart.

Here's our 2013 annual meeting, with the SBRAA board of directors in the Yuba City Council chambers.

Here's Joe receiving a "proclamation for general aviation" from Yuba City Mayor, John Buckland.

Joe has a sticker made of our beautiful logo, and proudly displays it on his J-3!

SBRAA members dressing up the pilot's lounge.

Our beautiful new banner!

Sharing a booth with the California Pilot's Association at the 2013 EAA Golden West fly-in.

Joe is recognized as "Airport Advocate of the Year," at the Cal-Pilots annual meeting in San Luis Obispo!
Steve and Joe on their way home from the Cal-Pilot's meeting... NOT in a Cub.  ;)