Sutter Buttes Regional
Aviation Association

The Sutter County Airport is located on approximately 170 acres of land, just east of Garden Highway, near the intersection of Garden Highway and Franklin Road.  This airport serves the Yuba-Sutter and general aviation communities by hosting general aviation operations: aircraft hangars, aircraft maintenance and repair facilities, and extensive privately owned crop dusting operations.


Private ownership and operation of aircraft (General Aviation) benefits communities in a variety of ways, including business and personal transportation, recreation and education, agricultural production  and management, health care and air ambulance services, fire supression, law enforcement, and disaster relief.


Since it's creation in 1947, the Sutter County Airport has served the Yuba-Sutter communities in many of these capacities, and SBRAA leaders and members look forward to a bright future for the airport under the care and guidance of this non-profit organization.


Mission- Established in 2012, the SBRAA is a regional non-profit volunteer organization - committed to the support of our general aviation airports and flight privileges.


Our objectives/services include:

  • Growing General Aviation Through Education and Advocacy
  • Airport/Infrastructure Support and Advocacy
  • Advice/Expert Testimony
  • Research, Education/Information Distribution
  • Events (such as our annual meeting and regional meet and greets)

We are a chapter of the California Pilot's Association (, a leading force in preserving, protecting, and promoting California's general aviation community and airports.

All money collected in the form of dues or donations is used to work on many issues that our airports face – no one is paid. An annual membership is about 5 cents per day. 

Please join us in helping protect our airport!